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Kristina Socanski was born in Belgrade, Serbia in 1990. At an early age, she showed exceptional musical talent and won several competitions for youth in her home country. In 2001 she moved to Stavanger, Norway together with her family.


Kristina has studied at the University of Stavanger and Barratt Due Music Institute in Oslo, Norway, as well as at HFM Franz Liszt in Weimar, Germany. She holds her official degrees from “Norwegian Academy of Music” in Oslo (Bachelor Degree) and “Royal Danish Academy of Music” in Copenhagen (Master Degree). In February 2019, she graduated from the “soloist class” (Advanced Postgraduate Program) at RDAM in Copenhagen, where she specialized in chamber music and accompaniment, mentored by prof. Niklas Sivelov, Friedrich Gurtler and Soren Rastogi.


In 2018, Kristina was invited to Aaron Copland School of Music, Queens College in New York, as a “visiting scholar”. Here she collaborated with prof. Edward Smaldone, and performed some of his music written for piano, among other pieces written by American composers. This was a part of her artistic research project dedicated to contemporary music written in the USA, which is to be presented in Copenhagen in 2019.


Kristina has won prizes in competitions in Serbia, Norway, Italy, Austria and the USA. As a result of her recent awards, she has performed at major venues such as “Mozarteum” (Salzburg, Austria) and “Carnegie Hall” (New York). Her talent has also been acknowledged with grants and scholarships from the Norwegian Cultural Council, Sparebank 1, Idella Foundation, Oticon Foundation, Den Böhmske Fond, Torp-Pedersen Fondet, Feldthusens Fond and others.


During her studies at the Norwegian Academy of Music, Kristina worked together with the renowned contemporary pianist Ellen Ugelvik. This inspired her to start exploring contemporary music, and marked the beginning of an exciting new journey. In the last few years, the collaboration with Peter Degenhardt, professor emeritus at the Music Academy in Cologne and a contemporary music specialist, has also been of great importance.


In 2017 Kristina spent a month in Florence, Italy, studying accompaniment and opera coaching with Maestro Jane Klaviter at the “Bel Canto Institute”. This inspired her to continue and broaden her activity as a collaborative pianist. She is a passionate chamber musician and member of several ensembles, as well as the founder and artistic director of “Vrsac International Chamber Music Festival” in Serbia.


Kristina has performed throughout Europe and in the USA. As a part of her soloist degree, she has been a teaching assistant for the piano class at the Royal Danish Academy of Music in Copenhagen.

Kristina is also an experienced piano teacher, with more than 10 years of teaching behind her, and many hours devoted to development of young musical talents.